City Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 18+

Gender: Male and/or Female


You can play this game with two or more teams.  Each team is given a list of items to collect within a specific time period.  Each team is also given $10, which they can use to purchase items as necessary.  Team members are not allowed to contribute their own funds in order to increase their team’s purchasing power.


Each team tries to collect as many of the items on the list as possible, and to earn bonus points where possible by fulfilling any additional requirements.


At the end of the time period specified, the teams meet at a predetermined location to present as many items as they have managed to collect.  A judge who did not participate in the scavenger hunt will review each team’s loot and declare a winner.




Try splitting people into teams of four or five.   Anything less can make it difficult to accomplish the tasks effectively, and anything more can mean that you need to use more than one car to get around the city.


You can try setting a rule that people can only using public transit during the hunt.  It’s more environmentally friendly and more challenging!


When creating teams, go for a mix of ages and genders. If possible, ensure that there is at least one person on each team who has participated in a scavenger hunt before.


Bring water and portable snacks along for the adventure to make sure everyone stays hydrated and maintains the energy they need to complete the hunt.


Distribute the scavenger lists at the last possible minute so no one can start planning their route in advance.


Set a time limit of either two or three hours on the scavenger hunt to maintain the excitement and add an extra challenge.  If the scavenger hunt lasts much longer than three hours, participants tend to lose focus and energy. 


Make sure there is a prize for the winning team, and that it’s something they can all share.  The prizes don’t need to be expensive, and it’s best if they’re a bit silly.  Try finding something fun at the dollar store.

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Choose a post-hunt meetup location where people can relax and socialize, whether it’s someone’s home, a café or a bar.  Everyone will have lots of stories to share and will probably be in need of some refreshment, too.


Feel free to adapt the list of scavenger items below to suit your specific city.  If some of the items are impossible to find, go ahead and remove them.  And if you can think of some challenging items that uniquely reflect the personality of your city, add them in!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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