Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts

A Bachelor party scavenger hunt is a great way to change an ordinary bachelor or stag party into a fun day and night. A scavenger hunt is great as everyone on a Bachelor party is looking to have a good time and possibly cause a minor raucous. With all of our hunts a minor raucous is expected (riding a bike in a store, shave someone's head, etc..) but it is best to have at least one responsible person per group with a level head to ensure that nothing can go too far.

We have the following bachelor party Scavenger Hunts.
Been There Done That Adult Birthday Gamewho knows bride or groomfinish the bride's sentence

Finding something new and refreshing to do for a bachelor party can potentially lead to the same old clich├ęs. Perhaps you never thought about having a scavenger hunt as a part of your bachelor party, but this scavenger hunt adds some of traditional values and fun of bachelor parties.