Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 18+

Gender: Male

Finding something new and refreshing to do for a bachelor party can potentially lead to the same old clichés. Perhaps you never thought about having a scavenger hunt as a part of your bachelor party, but this scavenger hunt adds some of traditional values and fun of bachelor parties.

The idea is to have fun with these clues but don’t do anything illegal or anything that could get someone hurt. You also don’t want to cause any problems for businesses, establishments or the bachelor. And you certainly don’t want to harass anyone, especially females whom you don’t know.

Although not likely, it’s a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol before or while you are taking part in this scavenger hunt so that your judgment in any situation isn’t impaired, which could lead to significant problems. A good piece of advice is to read through the entire list of clues before you set off on finding them or achieving them. You might see opportunities arise for other steps before you would have normally looked for them.

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To Win:

Award 1 point for each item on the list. Certain items require doing the MOST of something, in this case award the point to the team with the highest number (ie: clues 6 & 13).  Award 1 point for each item collected in some cases (ie: clues 4 and 15).

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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