Miscellaneous Adult Scavenger Hunts

These miscellaneous adult scavenger hunts are those that don't fit into any other category. They are intended for a fun, adult adventure.

Just because they are 'adult themed' doesn't mean they aren't appropriate for all ages. The scavenger hunts are just intended as a more challenging scavenger hunt. Pick a scavenger hunt and enjoy a fun day with friends!

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Just because you have reached that age where you can get special rates on dinners, movies, and even transportation around the city doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the fun that is prevalent throughout life. Scavenger hunts are an exciting and refreshing way to spend an afternoon or evening with your friends.

Take a culinary trip around the world with this exotic and challenging scavenger hunt. This is a great game for foodies, or for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge about food and discovering new cuisines.