Pirates - Birthday Scavenger Hunts

Pirate scavenger hunts are a fun activity whether at a birthday party or just a normal day around the house. The pirate theme brings all the adventure and excitement of pirates to a scavenger hunt! These hunts go great with other fun pirate games such as Pirate Bingo or Pin the Patch on the Pirate.

We have the following Pirate Scavenger Hunts.
Pirate Mad Libs GamePirate Newlywed Game QuestionsPin The Parrot On The Pirate Game

This pirate scavenger hunt is perfect for a birthday party or other special event.  The game is designed to be played in an outdoor area such as a park or trail, and it can be played by a group of between six and 12 kids. Recommended for kids aged 7-13.

Ahoy party-goers, scurvy dogs, and scavengers! Join us for a high seas adventure, pirate style! Scour the area for clues, solve puzzles, and leave no stone unturned in your quest for treasure with this pirate-themed scavenger hunt.