Pirate Scavenger and Treasure Hunt

Ages: 6 - 13

Gender: Male and/or Female

Ahoy party-goers, scurvy dogs, and scavengers! Join us for a high seas adventure, pirate style! Scour the area for clues, solve puzzles, and leave no stone unturned in your quest for treasure with this pirate-themed scavenger hunt.

Ideal timing & location:For a party, a neighborhood event, school event, or to celebrate “talk like a pirate” day (September 19th). Make a packet of clues for each team. Each team will receive the same clues. Choose an area that has a variety of places to go—it could be your own neighborhood, a park, or a part of your town that is has lots of independent shops and is accessible to walkers.

Ages:Appropriate for all ages, most fun for kids over 5 and groups/teams. Some research and wandering is required, so each team should have a responsible older teen or adult.

Interpretation:Allow for flexibility for the listed clues—a “skull and crossbones” could be a photograph of a sign, a drawing, or a clothing item or embellishment with this image. Clues 1 and 2 may require the use of a cell phone, laptop, or library.

Advanced prep:

Use a fun, “pirate-y” font for the clues, and have fun! Some clues will require the use of a phone or laptop with internet capabilities.

  • Print out the puzzle clues (#1-7) for each team, inserting the correct name in the (name here) field.
  • Print out a list of the remaining clues (#8-20) for each team
  • Place clue # 7 in a bottle for each team
  • Place all clues and rules into a packet for each team and seal, decorate if desired
  • Cut a large square of red fabric for each team (headscarf for clue 6)
  • Prepare a “treasure” box of gold chocolate coins/cheap fun jewelry like Mardigras beads for the winning team.

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Just before the hunt:

Distribute the answers to clues #3 (gold coin), 4(toy ship), 5(message in a bottle) and 6 (red headscarves) to the persons you have chosen to be responsible for them.

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Create teams, making sure they are evenly distributed across multiple ages and skill levels.
  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the teams
  • Set a time limit for completion

Pass out the sealed packets and shout “Go”—and watch your pirates in training run to complete the tasks!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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