Princess & Dolls - Birthday Scavenger Hunts

Princess scavenger hunts are intended to provide a little adventure to your little princess. These scavenger hunts are more targeted to girls, however, some boys may enjoy these hunts too.

We have the following Princess & Dolls scavenger hunts.
birthday bingo with picturesCrazy Cookie Recipes Game

No boys allowed at this sweet scavenger hunt! It is perfect for a birthday party or other “girls” gathering, and features some of the things little girls hold most dear! You may need to do some advanced planning if you are doing this at home, to make sure something representing each item on the list is available for your guests to find.

This Princess scavenger hunt is any birthday girl’s dream-come-true. She and her friends will become a team of Princesses who need to rescue their Princess ponies from the evil kidnapper, the Dragon King. This adventure will have them scampering all over the house to find their magical Princess accessories and save the ponies.