Pretty In Pink Girls Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 4 - 10

Gender: Female

No boys allowed at this sweet scavenger hunt! It is perfect for a birthday party or other “girls” gathering, and features some of the things little girls hold most dear! You may need to do some advanced planning if you are doing this at home, to make sure something representing each item on the list is available for your guests to find.

Ideal timing & location: This is perfect for a little girl’s party or celebration, and would be ideal for your backyard. If you want to have the scavenger hunt in a park you must be willing to hide some items!

Ages: Appropriate for all ages, most fun for girls under 4-10. Non-readers will require help with the clues.

Advanced prep:

  • Print out a list for each guest onto pink paper
  • Buy or borrow an inexpensive perfume (for clue 3)
  • One inexpensive bead necklace for each player (for clue 4)
  • Cut a large square of pink fabric for each player (headscarf for clue 6)
  • Get a large bucket and apples for bobbing (clue 5)
  • Prepare a pink prize box of cheap fun jewelry like Mardigras beads, glittery lipgloss and other fun things for the winner , if desired. Alternately, let each winner (which should be everyone!) choose a prize.

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Just before the hunt:
Distribute the answers to clues #3 (perfume), 4(necklaces) and 6 (pink headscarves) to the persons you have chosen to be responsible for them. Fill the bucket with water and add the apples for bobbing.

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the players
  • Set a time limit for completion
  • Pass out the lists and yell “go”

To win:
The winning player will:
Have each item on the list
Have answered clues 1 & 2 correctly
Have acquired a headscarf, apple, and necklace, and smell of perfume

Clue Answer Key:
Clue 1: Sleeping Beauty/Aurora
Clue 2: Cotton candy
Clue 3: spritz of perfume
Clue 4: bead necklace
Clue 6: pink headscarf or bandanna

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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