Princess Scavenger Hunt Quest

Ages: 4 - 8

Gender: Female

This Princess scavenger hunt is any birthday girl’s dream-come-true. She and her friends will become a team of Princesses who need to rescue their Princess ponies from the evil kidnapper, the Dragon King. This adventure will have them scampering all over the house to find their magical Princess accessories and save the ponies.

The scavenger hunt takes place mostly inside the house, with one clue being placed in the yard and one next to the nearest post office box. All you need to make it happen are some inexpensive toys, printouts of the clues below, and some pretty envelopes or decorative stickers. It’s easy, cost-effective, and will give your little girl and her friends a wonderful adventure!

• Pretty envelopes, or plain envelopes and some Princess-themed stickers to decorate
• Printouts of the 9 clues below
• One of these items for each girl (everything should be readily available at the dollar store:
Princess crowns
Princess wands
Temporary tattoos for the “royal birthmarks” (something girly, such as pink hearts or sparkly diamonds, etc.)
• Necklaces
• Rings
• Packets of princess-themed or pink candies
• “My Little Ponies” or other toy ponies in pastel colours


As per the instructions below, simply package up each of the princess items and tape an envelope containing one of the clues to each package. Then hide the packages in the locations specified. The girls should be able to solve the clues and find each package without your help, but if they get stuck, try letting them know when they’re “warmer” and when they’re “colder.”

When they “rescue” the ponies by finding where they are hidden, the game is over, and everyone can enjoy some well-earned Princess cake! Be sure to give them a bag for their wand, tiaras, candy, etc and that can be their princess party favors!

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1) Hand the first message directly to the group of girls.

2) Hide message #2, along with the crowns, in the birthday girl’s bedroom. Suggested hiding places: taped under the bed, hidden in a shoe box in the closet, hidden in a bag or backpack, wedged behind a dresser, buried at the bottom of the laundry hamper.

3) Hide message #3, along with the wands, in the living room Suggested hiding places: behind the TV in the TV cabinet,

4) Hide message #4, along with the temporary tattoos, in the front yard. Suggested hiding places: under an ornamental rock, behind a flower bed, in the bushes, tied to a lower tree branch, in a drainpipe, in the mailbox.

5) Hide message #5, along with the candies, in the car. Suggested hiding places: in the trunk, inside the emergency preparedness kit, in the glove compartment, under the seats, taped under the hood.

6) Hide message #6, along with the necklaces, next to the nearest post-office box on your street. Depending on the type of box you have, you might be able to tape the package to the underside of the box.

7) Hide message #7, along with the rings, somewhere in the back yard, along the fence.

8 ) Hide message #8 under the kitchen table (try taping it to the underside).

9) Hide message #9, along with the ponies, under the kitchen sink. NOTE: If you think the girls might argue over who gets which pony, you can label them with specific girls’ names beforehand.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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