Baseball Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 6 - 12

Gender: Male and/or Female

Baseball is one of the favorite pastimes for young boys (and girls) and kids certainly love a good birthday party. You can spice up your child’s next birthday with a scavenger hunt that is geared around the game of baseball. Depending on the space that you have in your home or yard you can modify the 'challenges' or 'clues' appropriately. A good idea is to break the kids up into teams of three to four and have at least one adult supervising and prodding them with clues to answer them all. The adult must also check off the tasks completed. Preparation:

  • Hide a baseball(s) around the yard. The number of baseballs should be the same as the number of kids playing.
  • Cut paper plates into the shape of home plate and write "home-plate" on the top. Then hide these around the house or outside.

Items Needed:

Winning the hunt: The winner can be determined by tallying the points. Award 1 point for each correct answer, item collected and task completed. Award 2 extra points for the first team finished and 1 point for the second team finished.

Prizes: Any baseball related items are great prizes for a baseball scavenger hunt. We recommend getting small baseball party favors which are than the kids party favors! Obviously, another prize is any Major League Baseball merchandise from your local baseball team. You can also give out the baseball that each kid collects as a party favor to go along with any other baseball party favor. 

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Collect all items and answer all the questions on the list. When done return and find out how well you did. 1 point will be awarded per task completed, item collected and correct answer on the quiz!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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