This is a great party game for any group of kids who love Batman. In this version, there is just one team working together to foil Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Riddler. The Riddler has left a trail of tricky clues that the team must unravel to collect the Bat-gear they need to foil his dastardly plot.

This scavenger hunt takes place within your home and yard. You’ll need to hide all the Bat-gear ahead of time and be on hand to offer clues if the kids need help in solving the Riddler’s brain-teasers.

Batman Stickers
Batman-arang (boomerang or cardboard cutout in the shape of a boomerang, covered in bat stickers)
• Bat goo gun (a small water-pistol covered in bat stickers)
• Cryo-capsules (emptied cold capsules or any small capsule-shaped containers from the dollar store)
Night-vision goggles (sunglasses, 3D glasses, swimming goggles, covered in bat stickers)
• Master key (real key, toy key or chocolate key covered in bat stickers)
Batman Gauntlets (black gloves will also work)
• Bat lasso (coil of rope tied with a plastic bat or bound with a cardboard band covered in bat stickers)
Yellow toy schoolbus
• Envelope and notepaper to write/print out the clues
• Prizes - We recommend Batman-themed party favors so all the kids get a little prize!

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