Terms and Conditions

This website FunScavengerHunts.net has two main terms and conditions besides the ones below. Stay Safe and Stay Within the Law. Scavenger hunts often get a bad reputation by people not acting safely or breaking the law. This site does NOT condone this activity or any illegal activity. Please be smart and don't ruin scavenger hunts for everyone else.

This website, it's owners and operators can not be help responsible, liable or legally obligated in anyway to the information or games from the site. If you are doing a scavenger hunt on the site please act appropriately at all times. The site has been created for entertainment and educational purposes. If you do one of these scavenger hunts please use your common sense, your brain and always act safely and cautiously.

Stay Safe.

Protect your playing partners

Don't Break The Law

Be Respectful.

This website may make small amounts of money when people click links, purchase items through our links or by selling ad space. All reviews, recommendations or other information is given as part of the greater good of the website and the hunts provided on the website. At no time will we condone a product, ad, item or anything of that sort that we do not think ads to a scavenger hunt. That being said, scavenger hunts can be very random and this should be taken into consideration.

All the best. Owners of the Fun Scavenger Hunts.