Educational Scavenger Hunts

Our educational hunts are intended to be a fun learning experience. Most of these hunts the kids usually don't even know they're learning which makes this a great way to interact with the kids.

The following scavenger hunts are good for a variety of ages and locations. If you have kids of various ages you can help the younger kids with the older kids clues.



Fast food has been a favorite among children almost dating all the way back to the opening of the first McDonald’s restaurants. You can hear it...


Food scavenger hunts can be a wonderful way to teach children that different kinds of food exists beyond soda, chocolate, and Cocoa Puffs cereal (...



Just about everyone over the age of three knows the alphabet song…and your participants will be singing along as they look for items beginning...



Nature has so many opportunities to find and exciting things, regardless of the season. Summer and autumn happen to be some of the best for this...



Ever heard the song “The 12 Days of Christmas”? If so, you have a great grasp of the indoor numbers scavenger hunt! Participants have to find a...



Even the littlest adventurers will enjoy this fun and fast scavenger hunt, provided items are simple to find, and a fun surprise! Clues are...