Pre-School - Educational Scavenger Hunts

Our pre-school scavenger hunts are intended for those kids between the ages of 3-6. They provide simple instructions that most kids this age should be able to complete. This ensures that they have fun, interact with the game and maybe even learn a little.

We have the following pre-school scavenger hunts.
Naughty or Nice Coloring Game for KidsLuau Pin The Parrot On The Pirate Game

Even the littlest adventurers will enjoy this fun and fast scavenger hunt, provided items are simple to find, and a fun surprise! Clues are photographs or images to accommodate non readers, and it is a good idea to do a practice run for the first few items to get the point across. Kids this age understand Easter egg hunts and “Blue’s Clues”, so once they get the idea, they should be able to find the items on the list.