Simple Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 5 - 9

Gender: Male and/or Female

Instructions:While out trick-or-treating, see if your child can find the hunt items listed next to numbers 1-11. When your child has finished collecting candy and treats for the night, use his or her stash of goodies to play the second part of the scavenger hunt – look for items listed next to numbers 12-27.

Suggestions:Use the list of items for a safe scavenger hunt at an inside Halloween party, too. Pre-arrange all the items on the list in different places at your party venue. When guests arrive, give them the list. If a guest completes the list, a special treat can be the reward!


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Variations:Give each player a sheet of paper and some crayons. Ask players to draw a picture of the items on the list – can players include each and every item.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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