St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 18+

Gender: Male and/or Female

Saint Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish culture and nationalism, but it is also a day when everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, can celebrate that “little bit of Irish” inside them.  Whether it’s a love of good cheer, a gift of the gab, a love of music or a deep appreciation for a fine pint of beer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on March 17th.

This Saint Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt will have teams scrambling to fulfill some uniquely Irish tasks while trying to unearth an elusive collection of all things Irish.  

Divide people into teams of four to six people (no more than five if you plan to use cars) and have everyone synchronize their watches.  Teams will have three hours to get through as many of the challenges as they can.  They can only spent up to $50 to make any purchases they need (including a round of shooters!).  They will need to beg, borrow or (hopefully not) steal everything else.  

As well as collecting scavenger items, teams will also have some “photo opps” as well.  This involves capturing as many of the shots specified in the “PHOTO OPPS” section as they can.

Once the three hours are up, everyone meets back at a designated venue with the scavenger items and photos they have managed to collect. At this point, there is one more chance to pick up additional team points by answering trivia questions.  There are six questions supplied: for two teams, each team gets a chance to answer three of the questions for three potential bonus points.

    •    One digital camera for each team
    •    $50 for each team to spend on scavenger items
    •    Silly team hats (optional—see TIPS)
    •    An adjudicator who is not participating in the scavenger hunt
    •    A great venue to meet up after the hunt and share a drink and some stories

The prizes for this scavenger hunt should be lighthearted, fun and Irish-themed.  Some ideas include:
    •    “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirts, mugs, etc.
    •    Guinness cookbooks (yes, they do exist!)
    •    Boxes of Lucky Charms
    •    CDs by Irish bands such as The Pogues, U2, Boomtown Rats, The Cranberries

No items matching your keywords were found.

If there is a major parade taking place in your city, you might want to make it a rule that you can only walk around town, as congestion and parking issues may make driving no fun at all.

To help team members find one another in crowded streets, try handing out distinctive headgear for each team.  Some ideas are: green tiaras, green baseball caps, green novelty wigs, green pompom hats, green antennae or green glow-in-the-dark tubes woven into hatbands.


Scavenger Hunt Clues

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