Kids Craft Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 5 - 10

Gender: Male and/or Female

The idea of this scavenger hunt is two-fold. First, the kids search around the house finding all the required items.  Secondly, they must build something out of their scavenger hunt pieces.  The idea of the hunt is creativity and imagination!

There are no fast rules on how you put together your scavenger hunt and you may want to decide ahead of time on one particular item that they all have to make (such as a futuristic-looking car or train).  This shouldn’t be a competition but rather a fun and unique way for a bunch of kids to spend an afternoon (a rainy one, especially).


  • Gather all the items on the list below.
  • Create a 'Crafting goodie bag' with 1 of each of the supplies from the list below.
  • Place all items in a green bag (or any color bag)
  • Hide the bag around the house

Tell the children that they are going to make something wonderful and fantastic from their imagination!  Choose an item that all of them have to make or a type of item (ie: something related to space).  Tell them they must search the house looking for a green bag and that they're are enough for everyone on the scavenger hunt.  After finding the bag they must return to the starting location and start making something creative!

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Scavenger Hunt Clues

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