Around the House - Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Around the house scavenger hunts are a great way to create a fun indoor activity at home. These are perfect on a rainy day, winter day, hot summer day or when the kids are just bored! An around the house scavenger hunt can challenge the kids to find items, use their brains and and step away from video games for a while!

We have the following around the house - indoor scavenger hunts.
Independence Day Red, White and Blue Scavenger Hunt for Children

The idea of this scavenger hunt is two-fold. First, the kids search around the house finding all the required items. Secondly, they must build something out of their scavenger hunt pieces. The idea of the hunt is creativity and imagination!

When rainclouds form and the kids are bored, consider an inside only scavenger hunt to keep everyone occupied and sane. The items on the list are all commonly found inside most homes, but if you don’t have a particular item or location, just substitute something else or you can purchase it from Amazon.