Shopping Mall - Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Shopping mall scavenger hunts are a perfect way to keep the kids occupied during a long-summer or cold-winter day. These scavenger hunts are all intended for a group of people competing to check the items off of a list. Kids and teenagers alike will love these scavenger hunts!

We have the following shopping mall scavenger hunts.

Set loose your inner mall rat and explore your local indoor shopping emporium! The larger the mall, the easier your tasks will be to complete. You may choose to allow a small amount of spending money for each team, just in case—under $5 should be enough, if your mall has a dollar store and players get stumped!

The mall in America has become one of the most important places for consumers to shop. It can also be a great safe and fun playground for children of all ages, especially when you bring a scavenger hunt along with you.