Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 10 - 16

Gender: Male and/or Female

Set loose your inner mall rat and explore your local indoor shopping emporium! The larger the mall, the easier your tasks will be to complete. You may choose to allow a small amount of spending money for each team, just in case—under $5 should be enough, if your mall has a dollar store and players get stumped!

Ideal timing & location: During mall hours, some of the best times will be in extreme weather—either in the heat of summer or the coldest days of winter.

Ages: Appropriate for all ages, most fun for pre-teens and teens (Ages 10-16).

Advanced prep:

  • Print a list for each team
  • Add a little cash if your list requires it.
  • Confirm each team has a cell phone with camera or digital camera

Just before the hunt:

  • Arrive at the mall and set up a starting point—the food court may be a good location, as it is usually centrally located.
  • Create teams, making sure they are evenly distributed across multiple ages and skill levels.
  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the teams. Teams should not go outdoors for any reason.
  • Set a time limit for completion
  • Pass out the lists, and watch the fun!

To win:

  • The winning team must have
  • Gathered each item on the list
  • Completed each task
  • The pictures indicated

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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