Teenager Mall Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 15 - 18+

Gender: Male and/or Female

The mall in America has become one of the most important places for consumers to shop. It can also be a great safe and fun playground for children of all ages, especially when you bring a scavenger hunt along with you.

Grab a bunch of friends or, if you’re in your thirties, forties, or older you can make it a special planned event to bring some new and added excitement into your life, and head to the mall. If you are organizing the game, then don't give out the list of clues until you all arrive at the mall (this way no one gets a head start on thinking about where they can find certain items or tasks).

At no point should any of these clues result in committing a crime or making anyone feel uncomfortable or harassed. If you want, you can check in with mall security, show them the list, and let them know that your group will behave in a respectful manner at all times (of course, this is not necessary).

While weekends can be a great time to take part in this scavenger hunt, you may find some stores or individuals a little less accommodating than they might be during the week. The weekends tend to bring the crowds and if you take their attention away from paying customers, then you may get some scornful looks.

It’s most fun if you play as teams, either two or three people per team. Award 1 point per item collected and 1 bonus point for the first team back with all the clues finished. You can also award bonus points for creativity with the items which always adds to the fun of a scavenger hunt. You can have everyone play for something like a small gift-certificate to the mall or Amazon.com.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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