Beach Scavenger Hunt and/or Treasure Hunt

Ages: 5 - 13

Gender: Male and/or Female

Pack your flip-flops and sunblock for a high seas scavenger hunt adventure. Find shells, check out the local wildlife, and sculpt sand art as part of this fun and unique adventure. Different beaches will have different items, so be sure you have an idea of what is at the beach before planning your event.  Carolina beaches make it easy to spot sand dollars and hermit crabs, but you will have a hard time spotting these elusive creatures further up the coast—so make sure your list matches your location!

Ideal timing & location: This can be fun for a beach vacation, or anytime if you live near the beach. For clues requiring players to get sandy or wet, make sure the water and air temperature will be warm enough to play.

Interpretation: Make sure you are matching your clues to the location (a simple internet search of the local wildlife and beaches will give you some ideas). Do not assign items considered dangerous like jellyfish, even if they are present in abundance, for obvious safety reasons! Some items won't be 'collectible' in that case the team should describe or take a picture of the item on the list. If you found other good clues please leave a comment and let others know of your location and the clue.

Advanced prep:

  • Choose your items and print up the lists on thick, durable paper—they may get wet! You can also insert them into page protectors and seal with tape to waterproof them a bit.
  • Print a list for each team
  • Pack any supplemental items you may need. If you require a sandcastle, then a bucket and shovel per team will be helpful!
  • Buy little bathroom sized Dixie cups for each team
  • Prepare a beach themed prize for the winning team, if desired. Hawaiian leis, pretty shells or starfish, or sand toys all work well.

No items matching your keywords were found.

Just before the hunt:
Choose a location as your home base, or mark out a base for each team in the sand, if desired.

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Create teams, making sure they are evenly distributed across multiple ages and skill levels.
  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the teams. Make sure any non-swimmers are wearing appropriate safety gear
  • Set a time limit for completion
  • Pass out the lists, and watch the fun

To win:
The winning team will:
Have gathered each item on the list
Completed each task

Clue Answer key:
Clue 1: Shell
Clue 2: Seaweed

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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