Beach Scavenger Hunt - Version 2

Ages: 7 - 12

Gender: Male and/or Female

This is a very simple scavenger hunt just right for livening up those lazy, endless summer days at the beach. The best part is that you don’t have to do any set-up work. All of the objects can be readily found on the beach. Just hand each child a list of items to scavenge and send them off with a plastic pail to collect their treasures.

Give each child a list of items and tell them they have an hour to bring back as many as they can. The person who brings back the most items wins a prize. (It’s always a good idea to include runner-up prizes as well!)

It’s a nice idea to make the prizes fit the beach theme. They can be as simple as a new beach toy for the winner and a round of ice cream cones for everyone. Other fun prize ideas include: beach ball, waterguns, Beach Boomerang, a Frisbee, etc.

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This game is a good opportunity to remind kids that when they take things from nature, it’s always a good idea to bring them back. When the game is over, have them return anything natural to the beach, and throw everything manmade into the trash. Let them know that living things, should not be disturbed and if they do they must be returned exactly where they found them.

Remind your kids to wash their hands after the game and before eating anything!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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