Nature Scavenger Hunt - Version 2

Ages: 5 - 15

Gender: Male and/or Female

Nature has so many opportunities to find and exciting things, regardless of the season. Summer and autumn happen to be some of the best for this scavenger hunt. For younger kids, this is a great opportunity to incorporate some valuable lessons about nature into this scavenger hunt, such as the different kinds of life that can be found out in the wild and that they should be respectful of it at all times.

Clue number 17 can also teach them about picking up after themselves when they (or to pick up trash that they come across since every little action winds up making a big difference over time).

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This nature scavenger hunt is a great alternative idea for birthday parties for kids, especially the younger ones. If you decide to take the younger ones out for this kind of hunt, then you will want to have at least one adult paired up with each child to point out (or give more clues) different things in nature that fit the clues on this list.

If you live in a metropolitan region, you will be able to find a park or two that will be perfect for gathering these clues. Some of the clues will require pictures, rather than collecting anything so be sure not to forget a camera or a camera-phone. You may also want to bring along a video camera to capture the wonder and awe in the face of the kids.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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