Zoo Safari Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 5 - 12

Gender: Male and/or Female

Have a trip to the zoo planned? Make the day more memorable with a fun photo safari! You’ll keep the kids’ interest, and engage their brains, as they learn more about their local zoo and the animals it houses.

Ideal timing & location: Any day with good weather at your local zoo.

Advanced prep:

  • Print out the list of clues
  • Pack a digital camera for the safari photo clues

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the players. This is most fun when done if a family or sibling group.
  • Set a time limit for completion
  • Pass out the lists and get started.

Safari clues

List of additional items:

Questions to answer (ask animal keepers, or read exhibit info):

To win:
The winning player will:

Clue Answer key:
Clue 1: Pink Flamingo
Clue 2: Penguin
Clue 3: Snake
Clue 4: Lion
Clue 5: Ostrich
Clue 6: Porcupine

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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