Day in The Park Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 10 - 17

Gender: Male and/or Female

Parks are all around us, whether we live in a city or a rural area. They can be state parks or even national parks. Some parks are owned and operated by local cities and governments. While each park will boast a different combination of benefits, in the nice, warm weather, you will be able to find just about everything on this scavenger hunt list.

This scavenger hunt is geared toward teenagers and young adults as a way to learn more about some of the hidden treasures that lie right in our own backyards. When we don’t get out an explore the world around us, sometimes we miss out on opportunities that can add to and improve the quality of our lives. Parks are a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature at its best.

The best time of year to do this hunt is during the summer, when people are most likely to be utilizing the park. You’ll also find that the people that are in these parks are having fun and in a great mood.

Some of the clues you will be asked to find will require you (or your teammates) to do a bit of research and asking around. Most towns or cities will have a Parks and Recreation department and you can use your unique detective skills to call around and find out the answers.

The best way to play this scavenger hunt is to divide up by yourselves and have a few prizes for the teams. The prizes don't have to be large and can be as simple as an aerobie or soccer ball.

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Award 1 point for each item collected and extra point as you see fit. Also, you can award bonus points based on the team with the most of a certain item (ie: number of wild animal photos, clue 6).

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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