Kids Park Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 7 - 12

Gender: Male and/or Female

This scavenger hunt is a simple game that will keep your kids amused the next time you visit your local park. Depending on the season and the amenities your park provides, they may not be able to find everything on the list, but whatever the time of year or locale, they will have fun searching for as many items as they can!

The game is very “low-tech”—all they need for this scavenging adventure is a paper bag, a copy of the scavenger list below and a pen or pencil to tick off what they’ve found. The first half of the list contains items they don’t need to bring back. You can get them to take a picture of these items if you have a digital camera(s). The second half of the list contains items they need to place in the paper bag and bring back to you. That’s it! It’s simple, affordable and educational fun for your kids.

All you need to provide is a fun prize for the winner and the runners-up! You’ll find prize ideas below.

Some ideas for simple prizes to give out include:
Sketchbook and coloured pencils (encourages them to sketch some of the items they’ve found in nature)
Frisbies, boomerangs and balls
Sidewalk chalk
Nature-craft kits (pressed flower kits, gardening kits, leaf/flower stamps
• Guide to local/state birds, plants etc.

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Scavenger Hunt Clues

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