Letterboxing Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 11 - 18+

Gender: Male and/or Female

Take advantage of the latest GPS technology, and plan a fun and high-tech scavenger hunt. This is a great way to introduce newcomers to letterboxing and geocaching, or to teach new users how to operate a GPS unit. You will need a handheld GPS unit for each team, and a location that is spread out, like a neighborhood or park. If you have very experienced letterbox/geocache players, you can spread out all over town, but the prep and execution of the scavenger hunt will be much more time consuming!

Ideal timing & location:Timing can be any time of the year, and can vary based on where you live. Geocaching in Florida in December will be fun….in July, it will be downright unpleasant!

Ages:Appropriate for all ages, most fun for older teens and adults in groups/teams. Some research and wandering is required, so each team should have a responsible older teen or adult along. Players should be comfortable with hiking and being outside to play.

Collecting Clues:Each cache will have a different item. The first team to collect a token from every cache and report back to the home base is the winner. The GPS will get you close to the location of each box, then you will have to look around for it using the written clues.

Advanced prep:

Prepare 20 boxes for participants to find. You will not be leaving the boxes in place, so each one can be made of plastic or any waterproof material—you can even use a large ziplock bag as your “box” if you would like.

  • Purchase or choose your boxes and token items
  • Fill each box with a clue item (clues and suggested tokens are listed below)
  • Decide on a general location for each box
  • Make a master list of the boxes with a spot for you to write the GPS coordinates down as you hide the boxes.
  • Find, buy, or borrow a backpack or tote bag for each team, and insert a notebook and pencil if desired.
  • Recruit help if you plan on leaving a box with a neighbor, friend, or shopkeeper

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One Day before the hunt:

  • Hide each box and note the GPS coordinates for the general location, and any specific details about where you placed the box (under a tree, by a big rock, etc).
  • Complete the clues (edit as needed), and insert the coordinates so participants know where to start looking for each box.

Ready, Set, GO!

  • Create teams, making sure they are evenly distributed across multiple ages and skill levels. Each team will need a handheld GPS unit and at least one teammate who knows how to work it.
  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the teams
  • Set a time limit for completion

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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