Tire Them Out - Outdoor Boys Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 5 - 11

Gender: Male

Sometimes, you just need to get outside and get active—and the boys in your life do as well! Don’t let the name fool you; girls of all ages will enjoy the fun antics of this active scavenger hunt as well.

Ideal timing & location:A local park or playground with a basketball court or other playing area, swings, and slide. A school or town playground is idea. Shoot for a sunny day that isn’t too hot—this plan requires a lot of running!

Ages:Great for all ages. This can take place entirely within the boundaries of the playground. Non readers will need some help.

Advanced prep/supplies:

  • Print out the clues before you leave home. You will need one set of clues for each player or team.
  • Basketball (clue 7)
  • Fill 1 water balloon per player, plus extras, just in case. (Clue 12)
  • Get 2 hula hoops (clue 5 )
  • Get 2 one person sized jump ropes (clue 1)
  • Recruit some helpers for the different stations. You will need one per activity station (4 if you are doing the plan as written)
  • Index card
  • Tape
  • pennies

Just before the hunt:

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  • Set up a separate location for hula hoops, balloon toss, and jump ropes
  • Write a number or phrase on an index card, and tape to the top of the slide. (for clue 3)
  • Scatter pennies on the playing field—make sure there is at least one for each player/team and a few extras!

Ready, Set, Go:

  • Explain the ground rules and any safety rules/boundaries to the teams.
  • Make sure they all start with a different number clue!
  • Set a time limit for completion

Pass out the list set the participants loose!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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