Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 12 - 17

Gender: Male and/or Female

Winter is a tough time to entertain kids, especially when you live in the northern climates. The cold air and rough weather can force kids to spend a lot of time indoors and this can make them stir crazy. What is a parent to do then?

Try this winter scavenger hunt. There doesn’t need to be snow on the ground, but it would certainly add to the excitement of the hunt. The recommended age for this scavenger hunt is 13 to 17, but of course, children of any age will have fun (you might want to supervise the younger ones, of course). This kind of scavenger hunt may prove more difficult in the deep South or Southwest, in which case you may prefer a nature scavenger hunt instead. Finally, this scavenger hunt is best suited for a park or large backyard.

If would be quite difficult to bring animal tracks back to the house, so digital cameras or cell-phones are a great way for the kids to have a bit of extra fun snapping shots of the winter wonderland (whether there’s snow or not).

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When looking for air bubbles in the ice, be certain that any frozen water is thick enough to walk out on (instead of having them go out onto frozen lakes and ponds, you can fill up a bucket and leave it outside somewhere to freeze).

For number 15, don’t allow them to turn on the Weather Channel for the answer. Instead, let them figure out how to determine the wind chill for that day.

Scavenger Hunt Clues

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