Road Trip Scavenger Hunts

Road trip scavenger hunts are the perfect thing for any long car ride. They provide the right amount of distraction, thinking and fun to make the road trip go by a lot faster for everyone in the car!

These road trips are intended for most longer road trips through most areas. Some items on the hunts might not be found due to geographical location, etc... However, that's ok as nobody will find those items! Our scavenger hunts are intended for kids but who knows, maybe you'll enjoy the hunts as much as them!

We have the following road trip scavenger hunts.
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A scavenger hunt in a car?! Yes! You can play a version of a scavenger hunt while you’re on the road. Try playing this road trip scavenger hunt during those long rides in the car when the kids are bored silly. It’s a quick and easy way to engage their attention and make the time pass more quickly.

When your family takes its next long road trip, this travel scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to beat the boredom of the long stretches of road. If you’ve ever played the ‘Alphabet’ game on the road, then the rules for this scavenger hunt are very similar. First off, you don’t have to actually take pictures or gather up these items. All you have to do is point them out so other people in the car can verify them. The first person to point it out claims the item and only one person can claim that specific item (ie: a blue sportscar can be claimed twice but that specific car can only be claimed once).