Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 7 - 13

Gender: Male and/or Female

A scavenger hunt in a car?! Yes! You can play a version of a scavenger hunt while you’re on the road. Try playing this road trip scavenger hunt during those long rides in the car when the kids are bored silly. It’s a quick and easy way to engage their attention and make the time pass more quickly.

Just print out the scavenger list below and keep a few copies in your glove compartment. The next time you’re on the road with the kids, hand each of them a copy of the list. Tell them they have an hour to look for as many items on the list as they can find. As they find them, they can call them out and then cross them off the list. Only the first person to call out the item gets to cross them off their own list; the other players must wait until the next opportunity to spot the item. At the end of the hour, each player counts up the number of crossed-out items, and the person with the most items wins. Alternatively, you can just say the first person to get all the clues before we reach our destination is the winner!

Having some prizes on hand is a nice touch, and makes the game more interesting. You can purchase some small dollar-store items ahead of time, and keep them in the glove compartment or the storage area between the front seats. Here are some ideas for compact prizes that you can leave in the car until needed:

• Bags of candy (gummy worms, jaw-breakers, Tootsie-rolls etc.)
Pocket board game
Activity Books for kids
• Stickers and mini sticker books
Sticky, stretchy toys that stick to car windows

No items matching your keywords were found.

You might want to keep some “runner-up” prizes on hand as well, so that everyone who plays gets something.

You may want to customize the scavenger list below, depending on your geographic region. For instance, if you are driving through the desert, you can add items such as: three-armed cactus, snake, tumbleweed.


Scavenger Hunt Clues

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