Travel Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 5 - 15

Gender: Male and/or Female

When your family takes its next long road trip, this travel scavenger hunt is a wonderful way to beat the boredom of the long stretches of road. If you’ve ever played the ‘Alphabet’ game on the road, then the rules for this scavenger hunt are very similar. First off, you don’t have to actually take pictures or gather up these items. All you have to do is point them out so other people in the car can verify them. The first person to point it out claims the item and only one person can claim that specific item (ie: a blue sportscar can be claimed twice but that specific car can only be claimed once).

Many families have different aged children and this game can be played by just about any of them. If you have a twelve year old and a five year old, for example, you can give some assistance in the game to your youngest (you may have to explain why you’re helping him or her out to the older children).

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If your road trip is along a long stretch of highway through the open plains of the Midwest, you may have some trouble finding certain items on this list. That's ok, it keeps the children looking and is even more fun when one is found! You can substitute anything on the list with others if you think it's too challenging or not likely to be found.

This game can also be a great teaching opportunity for your older children who may be about to start driving, such as pointing out why number 16 is dangerous and illegal in some places.

On your next trip, pass the time with a travel scavenger hunt.

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