Disneyland Resort Scavenger Hunt

Ages: 4 - 10

Gender: Male and/or Female

This scavenger hunt has been designed for families or groups taking a trip to the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California. Some of the clues in this scavenger hunt will require you to ride the Disneyland train, or at least to look at a map (though riding the train is worth it). Other clues will require you to help your children count or figure out some answers. Teaching them how to go about finding answers to questions is a great learning experience and in this setting, it can only be fun.  This is a great scavenger hunt for a family who is looking for something different in their trip to Disneyland.

None of these clues require that any child actually go on any ride. Finding the characters of Disney in the park can be an all-day adventure and one that is loads of fun not only for the children but for adults. Though most don’t require you to take pictures with them, when the opportunity arises, you might want to snap those photos (your child will love seeing them at night or when your vacation is over).

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Disneyland Resort consists of two parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) and while a few clues are about California Adventure, you don’t have to have access to the park to answer them (you can either look at a map or ask one of the wonderful cast members).

Disneyland resort is an experience every child treasures and playing a scavenger hunt while you’re there will help open up more opportunities for enjoyment that you might not have known existed!

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Scavenger Hunt Clues

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